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SellersFi 2023 Year in Review & 2024 Look Ahead 

It’s that time of year when we’ve all been reflecting both on our businesses as well as on our personal lives. We’re setting business goals or personal resolutions for the year (or years) ahead. SellersFi is no different. 

2023 Year in Review 

Recently, someone on our team was on a call with someone outside of the company where they were asked, “Have you seen any big changes in your company in the last year?” It feels like an unfair question because of just how far we’ve come.  

We started 2023 as SellersFunding.  

In March, we launched our new brand, SellersFi, at The Prosper Show in Las Vegas. This rebrand came with a new look, new products, and a brand-new approach to how we plan to serve our customers. We went bigger and better at Prosper, including a 360-degree photo booth. 

We’ve been lucky to travel to a variety of events all over the world, meeting brands of all shapes and sizes and expanding our partner network to better serve our clients. To name a few: 

  • Innovation Show East (New York, NY) and West (Santa Monica, CA), presented by FounderMade 
  • ASD Market Week 
  • CampEcom – You’ll see us again in 2024! 
  • ASGTG – Connect with Alfredo in New York in January! 
  • Money 20/20 
  • Amazon Accelerate 
  • And so many more! 

We also launched our Elite Sellers Dinner, bringing a select group of entrepreneurs and influencers together for a night of networking and knowledge exchange. Keep an eye out for more of these in 2024! 

Recently, we announced a credit and equity facility investment from Citi, an equity investment from MUFG, and continued support from our investors at Northzone and Fasanara. If you’re not a paid Axios subscriber, you can check out the releases below: 

This year, we have launched four new products, created with e-commerce sellers in mind: 

  • Invoice Flex: Extend your payment terms and let SellersFi fund your invoices. 
  • Invoice Factoring: Fund your retailers’ invoices so you get paid sooner. 
  • Commerce Pay: Funding created with early-stage sellers in mind. 
  • Sellers Protect: General liability insurance for your business (with additional coverage coming in 2024), provided by our partners at XCover. 

Our company and our leaders have received some incredible awards in 2023 as well: 

We produced and updated more than 75 pieces of content, touching on everything from international expansion to trending marketplaces to ways to use your e-commerce funding to Amazon releases you just needed to know. As part of this, we launched our new Amazon Resources Hub with content for all stages of Amazon sellers.  

While we are so unbelievably proud of the year we have had, we would be remiss if we didn’t discuss the hardships in the greater e-commerce and financial technology space. 

We’ve witnessed an unprecedented increase in interest rates that created a dislocation in the risk appetite for lenders and investors. This success can be attributed to the exceptional caliber of our team, unwavering backing from our shareholders, and our steadfast dedication to fostering enduring partnerships with our clients amidst these challenging times. 

2024 Look Ahead 

We have a lot of exciting things coming for you in 2024. Everything we are working on and working toward is being done with our customers in mind. It’s our goal to be your partner in growth, whether that’s through our products and services, or connecting you directly with one of our preferred providers who can help. 

In 2024, we’re launching a new FDIC-backed business checking account, complete with debit card and countless additional benefits. If you’re interested, the waitlist is open now! 

In addition to Business Checking, we’re also revamping our prepaid business card, making it more e-commerce- and business-friendly.  

We also have some exciting partnerships, product bundles, and more coming soon! Catch us at various events, join us virtually for more webinars, and anticipate an even more eventful year ahead. Stay in the loop with the latest updates from SellersFi by keeping an eye on our blog and your inbox. 

As we move into the year ahead, we’ll leave you with these words from our co-founder and CEO, Ricardo Pero: 

We’ll celebrate 7 years next year. For some folks, the number 7 means luck or the end of a cycle. For us, I expect the year to represent an inflection point to further growth and continuous support to our clients and partners. 


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