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SellersFi Announces Strategic Equity Investment by MUFG Innovation Partners, Unlocking Growth Opportunities

[New York, NY, December 13, 2023] — SellersFi, the leading fintech company at the forefront of e-commerce financing, is delighted to announce an equity investment by MUFG Innovation Partners (MUIP). This strategic partnership signifies a significant milestone for SellersFi and sets the stage for expansion that will transform the landscape of e-commerce financing.

Ricardo Pero, CEO at SellersFi, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome MUIP as a strategic partner in our journey help e-commerce businesses grow through the utilization of our industry leading financial services products. This investment indicates a shared vision by SellersFi and MUIP allowing us to fully utilize MUIP’s extensive global network and deep-rooted expertise in financial markets. Together, we are ready to bring SellersFi’s innovative e-commerce financing solutions to a larger audience.”

Mayank Shiromani, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, MUIP quoted, “E-commerce seller businesses do not generally fit the underwriting methodology of traditional FIs. As these businesses behave differently and face unique challenges as compared to traditional SMBs, to underwrite these an understanding of the seller’s category, positioning, seasonality, and the global nature of transactions is needed. Moreover, not only capital but these businesses need money movement, business planning and management support. We are impressed by SellersFi’s strong insights and technology to provide critical services to sellers. We want to partner and help to expand the businesses globally.”

SellersFi has been redefining e-commerce financing solutions, making it easier for online sellers to manage cash flows and scale their businesses. With MUIP’s strategic investment, they are poised to take their innovative financial services to e-commerce businesses around the world, offering them the support they need to thrive in the digital marketplace.

This partnership is not just about a financial investment but a shared vision to promote financial inclusivity and drive innovation on a global scale.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with MUIP and are confident that the collaboration will lead to mutual growth and success for both parties,” said Pero.

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Russell Walraven

About SellersFi:

SellersFi is a pioneering fintech company specializing in e-commerce financing solutions. Our cutting-edge platform empowers e-commerce sellers to streamline their cash flow management, access working capital, and propel their businesses to new heights. Our mission is to provide seamless financial solutions to online sellers, enabling them to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. For more information, visit

About MUIP:

MUIP was established in January 2019 as the corporate venture capital of Japan’s leading financial group, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), to promote its open innovation strategy. With $650m AUM, MUIP is working on strategic investments in startups globally and driving business collaboration between the startups and MUFG group companies. For more information, visit

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