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SellersFi is a global financial technology company that empowers e-commerce merchants looking to grow. We offer strategic solutions that make scaling easier and faster.

From inventory and marketing to product launches, international expansion, and more, thousands of e-commerce sellers trust SellersFi to achieve limitless success.


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We grow businesses.
Ours is no exception to the rule.

We grow businesses. Ours is no exception to the rule.

We grow businesses. Ours is no exception to the rule.

SellersFi (formerly SellersFunding) provides industry-leading financial solutions to e-commerce entrepreneurs. In addition to funding, payment solutions, and analytics, we are adding offerings previously only available through banks, as well as new e-commerce products.


This expanding suite will deliver the first truly comprehensive financial solution for growing e-commerce businesses.


As e-commerce evolves, SellersFi will drive the fintech innovations that allow sellers and brands to worry less about funding and finance and to focus more on growth and achieving their business goals. Our commitment to best-in-class customer service always guides us.

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Don’t settle for a lender, choose a
partner in growth.

See how these brands achieved more with SellersFi solutions.

Don’t settle for a lender, choose a partner in growth.

Watch how these brands achieved more with our powerful suite of products

Trusted by e-commerce sellers, DTC brands, and B2B businesses spanning the globe.
Great Help
"Account manager is friendly, reply quickly, help my business to get the loan, it will be great help for my business to growing."
— Ryan
Great experience
"Great experience. James is very helpful, communicative & knowledgeable"
— Stephanie A.
Thank you Katiusca!!!!
"Katiusca helped me to go throught each step of the process, ensuring that my goals were achieved on time."
— Pablo
Really good an quick service
"Really good an quick service, great offer will use again!"
— Tim Ross
Concise and Professional
"SellersFi process was concise and very easy to manage. Alfredo was very professional, thorough and understanding. Funding was same day upon approval."
— Ana Galiano
True partnership!
"True partnership! SellersFi is best in class and has been great to work with. They've done an excellent job of taking the time to understand my business. Since we are in growth mode, SellersFi has been instrumental in allowing us to make the moves we need to get to the next level. Unlike normal bank..."
— Chris
Simple, Efficient, and Transparent Lending
"As an Amazon seller, getting lending can be complicated. SellersFi has completely systematized and simplified a process that used to cause me a huge headache with other lending companies. This is how lending should be done across the board. I couldn't be happier with my experience"
— Say Khou
SellesrsFi has taken us to another level!....
"SellesrsFi has taken us to another level that we could not have reached without their help! With the easiest loan process we've ever experienced. What I was most impressed with is their amazing team! The most helpful and supportive team ever. They really want small businesses to grow and succeed. I..."
— Felix Silva
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