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Should I Sell My Product On Amazon?

Selling on Amazon is a great way to increase your reach. At SellersFunding, we can help provide you with a loan for Amazon business and ecommerce businesses of all types. We help you sell more and scale your company with our financial toolkit.

As a growing ecommerce seller, scaling your business on Amazon is a great way to increase your reach. At SellersFunding, we’ve had the pleasure of helping ecommerce brands of all shapes and sizes scale their Amazon stores.

Because no matter which way you cut it, Amazon is the original ecommerce marketplace. 

People browse the internet for many different reasons — finding information, making restaurant reservations, watching videos, etc. — but when it comes to Amazon, people come to buy.

If you’re looking to increase your customer base, selling or scaling your products on Amazon can be a great way to boost sales. Today, we’ll cover the benefits of selling your products on Amazon as a fast-growing online retailer.

Perk #1 of selling on Amazon – It’s completely plug and play 

One of the great things about a marketplace like Amazon is you don’t need to hire programmers to develop a website to get started. You can list your products on Amazon and run your entire business directly from the platform.

In case you’re brand new to Amazon as a sales channel, the mega marketplace allows sellers to create what they call an Amazon Seller Account

Once you’re set up with your own account, you’ll have your own store where each product can have its own information page with an FAQ for shoppers.

From your seller account, you can do everything from collect reviews to promote your product with Amazon ads

And the best part? Almost all of this is plug-and-play through Amazon’s platform.

Perk #2 of selling on Amazon – Robust fulfillment system via FBA

As you would expect from a Fortune 5 conglomerate like Amazon, the platform already has a robust shipping and fulfillment infrastructure.

Amazon sellers can immediately tap into the marketplace’s Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) service allowing them to pick, pack, ship, and handle customer service and returns, so you don’t have to handle fulfillment yourself.

Amazon presently has 110 US fulfillment facilities and 185 worldwide. The Amazon FBA program uses Amazon’s warehouses to store and ship items. The company will handle your inventory, simplifying and speeding up the selling process.

Perk #3 of selling on Amazon – Trusted brand rep 

Amazon was ranked number one for corporation reputation. They value customer experience as it is the backbone of their success. Amazon has the best customer satisfaction ratings of any business in the United States.

Not only that, but the mega brand has also been responsible some of the boldest retail developments in recent years, including 1-click ordering and Amazon Prime. 

As a growing seller, you can take advantage of the fact that customers already know, like, and trust Amazon. By setting up shop on Amazon, you instantly leverage that reputation and help tap into increased sales power for your own brand.

Perk #4 of selling on Amazon – Automatic buyer intent

Amazon is great at converting sales. That high conversion power is hands down one of the top perks that makes Amazon so powerful for growing sellers.

When people go to Amazon, they are actively looking for products to purchase.

In 2020, there were 200 million paying Prime members, and that number increases yearly. Amazon Prime not only gives free expedited shipping, but it provides other benefits as well, such as prime video.

All you have to do is get your products seen, and the platform takes care of the conversions for you.

Perk #5 of selling on Amazon – Customer review platform

Amazon has the most robust authentic review platform available for products on the internet today.

The reviews are designed to reward high-quality products. Amazon allows consumers to give both a star rating 1-5 and written review. Amazon then aggregates the ratings into a single value for you. 

High star ratings give consumers more confidence in their purchase, helping to further boost those sellers who are doing a great job with customer service.

Perk #6 of selling on Amazon – Robust ads platform

Because Amazon is a search engine, there is an opportunity for sellers to grow conversions via ads. Advertising on Amazon allows consumers to find your store and products easier.  

Like on Google, ads can give confidence to a consumer if you are willing to spend money to market your store and products.

In addition to ads shown on Amazon’s website, they also have a vast network of affiliates that use Amazon ads on their websites to direct consumers to your products. Amazon will also spend money advertising stores and products on other sites, even Google.

Do you need a loan to grow your Amazon business?

Millions of active customers visit Amazon each month to purchase goods. If you want to advertise your products to that established customer base, getting a loan for your Amazon business may help.

But chances are traditional “loans” aren’t going to cut it.

With SellersFunding, you can access the capital you need to scale your business, launch new products, or expand into new markets. Apply now to see how we can help you succeed with your Amazon business.


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