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Mother’s Day: A Hidden E-commerce Goldmine

Looking for another money-making event to add to your ecomm calendar? Try UK Mother’s Day. Start with these inspiring Mother’s Day campaigns from top global brands.

What’s not to love about Mother’s Day? 🌸

Mother’s Day doesn’t just allow us to stop and appreciate all the mums and mother figures out there, it provides an excellent opportunity to win more customers and pull in additional cash flow to prep for peak seasons like Q4

In 2021, Mother’s Day brought UK retailers a solid 47% increase in sales — despite ongoing lockdowns and supply chain disruptions.

But if you’ve never sold products for Mother’s Day, or struggle to know what to sell, it can be hard to take advantage of this key shopping day.

Today, we’ll jump into why Mother’s Day is becoming more important for e-commerce brands selling in the UK. We’ll also take a look at how some global retailers crushed their Mother’s Day campaigns, and share unmissable tips for how to make your store’s Mother’s Day promos a smashing success.

The scoop on Mother’s Day UK

  • Why Mother’s Day coming up is huge for e-commerce brands
  • 6 can’t-miss Mother’s Day campaigns to inspire your own
  • Get bragworthy results this Mother’s Day

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Why the UK Mother’s Day come-up is huge for e-commerce brands

Classic shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day have hogged the limelight as the undisputed rainmakers for e-commerce brands. 

But as consumer spending has shifted increasingly online, online retailers are seeing spending rise even for smaller holidays like Mother’s Day. 

Here are a few of the reasons Mother’s Day is totally worth your attention (and marketing dollars) this year.

Boost your revenue and cash flow ahead of peak season

While Mother’s Day is a relatively small-scale holiday compared to its Q4 counterparts, it can pack quite a punch for your bottom line. 

As the cash rolls in, you can set some aside to help fund your peak seasons and give your store more financial stability year-round.

Build strong customer connections (and grow your long-term sales)

As you help your customers put smiles on the faces of the people closest to them, you’ll also win their loyalty long-term. 

Once you’ve earned their trust, it’ll be both easier and cheaper to sell more products to them throughout the year.

Reach across generations to boost conversions

Since people buy gifts for mother figures or their mum, Mother’s Day is a chance to introduce your brand to whole new audiences.

You have the chance to build relationships with shoppers across different generations and walks of life, improving your odds of boosting conversions in the long run.

6 can’t-miss Mother’s Day campaigns to inspire your own

When it comes to Mother’s Day promos, some brands know how to tick all the right boxes. 

So if you’re hoping to create the mother of all Mother’s Day campaigns, look no further. These six brands launched stellar Mother’s Day promos that we can all learn from.

1. Teleflora’s emotion-driven Mother’s Day campaign

Floral delivery company Teleflora pulled at shoppers’ heartstrings with a moving tribute showcasing all the amazing mothers do for their kids. 

From featuring a child creating a drawing of her mum to playful bed-jumping scenes, Teleflora highlighted the dedication, energy, and raw love mothers give daily, with the aptly named “Drawn to Mom” campaign.

To round it all off, the promo video wraps as kids show gratitude and affirm their mother’s efforts. 

One word: Awww. 😍

How to win like Teleflora with your Mother’s Day campaign:

  • Make the tone of your ads both emotional and celebratory.
  • Involve real customer stories.
  • Give your customers the opportunity to say “thank you” to their mum, whether that’s through a dedicated page or social media shoutouts.

2. Maltesers’ stigma-beating Mum’s mental health campaign

Stepping out from the crowd, candy brand Maltesers partnered with a marketing agency to make their Mother’s Day campaign all about mothers’ mental health. 

Using a healthy dose of comedy, Maltesers created fun sketches based on candid conversations with mums to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

On International Women’s Day, Maltesers launched two ads to raise awareness of their project. The brand then combined Instagram marketing and custom Giphy stickers to encourage mums to share their stories on mental health.

To keep the mental health theme going, Maltesers also joined forces with charity fundraiser Comic Relief to contribute towards charities like The Happy Mums Foundation and Smile Group.

How to win like Maltesers in your Mother’s Day campaign:

  • Enlist the help of an experienced marketing agency to convey sensitive messages thoughtfully.
  • Collaborate with brands and charities to expand your reach and show support for mothers in a way that’s authentic to your brand.
  • Put mothers at the forefront by focusing on real issues they face.

3. Tommee Tippee’s mum-first marketing

Childcare brand Tommee Tippee addressed the challenges that women face when breastfeeding in a global campaign, The Boob Life. Using the power of storytelling, Tommee Tippee created a film and content series titled ‘Spill the Milk’ sharing real-life journeys and built a platform for mums to support each other.

Tommee Tippee then took the opportunity to promote its new products by organically tying them into the campaign.

How to win like Tommee Tippee in your marketing campaigns:

  • Add value to shoppers by providing helpful avenues to find information and support on issues mothers face.
  • Look for organic ways to present your products as a natural solution.
  • Use storytelling in your marketing to take shoppers on a journey.

4. Saucony’s ultra-relatable Mother’s Day Messaging

To connect with its audience on a deeper level, footwear brand Saucony created a campaign called The Marathon That Never Ends.

The campaign highlighted some highly relatable moments mums often experience, like breastfeeding and utter tiredness. 

The difference? Saucony chose not to show the actors’ faces, providing a unique angle and perspective by filming the scenes from the waist down.

 How to win like Saucony in your Mother’s Day campaigns:

  • The video’s commentary reinforced the widely held view that motherhood is a marathon, increasing the brand’s lifelong value and reliability factor.
  • Develop a theme for your content and weave it into your messaging and tone. 
  • Find ways to separate your content’s look from the pack, whether it’s the type of content you use or how you present it. 

5. Nike’s influencer-led Mother’s Day campaign

For Mother’s Day, sportswear superstar brand Nike took to the stage to promote its maternity line with its Toughest Athletes campaign. 

The videos highlighted the reservations some women have with their bodies and playing sports as they go through pregnancy and motherhood. 

The campaign featured twenty women including celebs who shared their lives at different stages of their motherhood journey. Nike showcased the resilience of mums as they engaged in different sports. The shots were deeply personal, despite the fact that they were filmed via Zoom during the pandemic.

Nike also teamed up with pre- and post-natal exercise expert Jane Wake to create four workout guides for mothers accessible through its Nike Run Club app.

How to win like Nike in your Mother’s Day campaign:

  • Collaborate with influencers and celebs to boost your campaign’s trust factor.
  • Use existing products and offers to help shoppers or their mums reach a goal or overcome a challenge.
  • Soft sell your product through your customer and influencers’ stories.

6. Jergens’ mould-breaking mums celebration

For Mother’s Day, skincare brand Jergens chose to acknowledge mums who don’t fit the stereotypical moulds. 

Taking to YouTube, Jergens created a video featuring a diverse range of moms along with their views on what being a mother means to them. 

Jergens then turned the video into shorter clips which they distributed on social media.  

How to win like Jergens in your Mother’s Day campaign:

  • Use video to increase engagement and shares.
  • Repurpose your content into different formats to fit the formats your audience like most.
  • Share personal testimonials on what it means to be a mom and give your customers the spotlight to humanize your brand.

Get bragworthy results this Mother’s Day

Preparing your store for awesome Mother’s Day sales doesn’t have to feel like a guessing game. With some inspiration from brands who successfully chartered the Mother’s Day waters — plus, a willingness to test and get a little creative — any online brand can make a mum’s day. 

So get out there and start researching campaign ideas to find the right blend for your store. Soon you’ll have a bragworthy Mother’s Day the whole family will remember.

Need a hand with cash flow to help make your Mother’s Day plans a reality? SellersFi can help.


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