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Launch on Amazon Live with Rebaid Influencer Campaigns

Launch on Amazon Live with Rebaid. See how SellersFunding partner, Rebaid can help with influencer campaigns.

by Brendon Fields

When most brands think about influencers, million dollar post by Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian come to mind. For that reason many brand owners are quick to dismiss Influencer marketing as an expensive, inaccessible and an opaque industry. But that couldn’t be further from reality.

When paired with the right influencer, cost can be low and the ROI high. Consumers trust recommendations from influencers they are familiar with, resulting in far higher conversion rates than would be generated through other marketing methods. Successful influencer campaigns are often attributed to brands “leveling up” with record sales and broader brand recognition almost overnight.

There are many platforms where influencers post content. B2B business often find Linkedin or YouTube to be best, while consumer product businesses typically generate the strong results from Instagram or Tik Tok. But for the purpose of this article we will specifically focus on the newest and potentially most lucrative influencer marketing channel!

Amazon Live

For brands that sell on Amazon, there is no better influencer marketing opportunity than Amazon Live. A top initiative of Amazon, Amazon Live is a live streaming video platform that allows highly followed influencers to share and demo products for their audience. Since this video platform is hosted directly on Amazon, viewers can purchase items featured in these videos in a single click.

For readers in the U.S. who are familiar with QVC or HSN (Home Shopping Network) television channels, Amazon Live is the equivalent, but with some major advantages. Unlike QVC or HSN where viewers need to call a phone number, find their purse or wallet, then wait a week or longer to receive the product, on Amazon Live shopper can purchase with a single click and receive their item in 2 days. This makes Amazon Live a compelling shopping network.

How Much Does it Cost?

Getting your product(s) featured on Amazon Live may seem like a daunting or costly endeavor but neither are true. With the help of platforms like Rebaid, sellers are able to get their product(s) featured on Amazon Live for as little as $250. For this modest price, Amazon Live influencers will typically feature your product for a 3 minute segment, providing a demo and sharing the features they enjoy most.

Entry level influencers in the $250 price range typically generate 60,000 – 75,000 views per live broadcast. This means your product will generate a CPI (cost per impression) of less than $0.01 per shopper view. Compare this against a typical PPC campaign and you could expect to spend thousand of dollars for an equivalent number of impressions!

But it get’s even better. Not all impressions are the same. When a shopper sees your Sponsored placement at the top of the search results, it’s often overlooked by shoppers as just what it is, a paid placement. On the other hand, when a shopper views an influencers live stream they are far more inclined to view and purchase your item, based on the trust placed in the influencers recommendation.

So in short, Amazon Live placements are far less expensive, and far higher converting than PPC. But almost no sellers are familiar with this program, so this is the time to act.

How Rebaid Works

While Influencers are great at creating content, they are not always easy to connect with. Finding an influencer that is a good fit for your product, is within your budget and available to produce content is not always easy. For brands familiar with and interested in Influencer marketing, the actual process of connecting with and negotiating a rate with an influencer is often what prevents them from moving forward.

That’s where Rebaid can help. Founded in 2019, Rebaid quickly became one of the largest promotions platforms for Amazon sellers, facilitating discount and rebate promotions for thousands of brands. Recognizing the shifting landscape of product launches, and compelling opportunity of Amazon Live, Rebaid built the first ever influencer program supporting this new platform.

Sellers who are interested in getting a placement on Amazon Live can simply sign up for a Rebaid Seller account and start an influencer campaign by entering basic information about your product category and goals. Based on the information entered, brand can see all Amazon Live influencers that match with their criteria, select the influencer that is the best fit and book a placement with them instantly.

Rebaid leverages existing relationships with the top Amazon Live influencers to seamlessly facilitate placement of your product on an Amazon Livestream segment, without the hassle of trying to build the relationship on your own. Moreover, Rebaid pre-buys placements in bulk resulting in lower cost than you as a brand owner would receive if contacting these influencers directly for a one-off placement.

After you book a placement with an Amazon Live influencer on Rebaid, you will be sent instructions on where to send a sample unit to be featured in the live broadcast. Typically turnaround times from booking to the video going live are 2-3 weeks, in part dependent on how quickly you ship the sample unit to the influencer.

Early Mover Advantage

There is undoubtably an early mover advantage with program, just as has been the case with now established programs on Amazon. When Amazon Sponsored Products was unveiled in 2016, CPC costs were commonly between $0.03 and $0.05 with ACoS under 5%. Those ad rates would be impossible to achieve for even the most well optimized PPC campaigns today. But early adopters of this program reaped tremendous rewards from their early start. The same thing is likely to happen with Amazon Live.

With entry level placements starting at just $250 and an average of 70,000 views on videos created by influencers in the price range, there is almost no scenario where you do not at least recoup your investment. But in the mid or strong results scenario brands may achieve ROI’s 10-20X their investment. Moreover these campaigns are scalable, with mega influencers within Rebaid’s network with millions of followers on Amazon Live.


There have been many evolutions of Amazon’s marketplace in the last decade, and with each change opportunities arose for brands that took early advantage. Amazon Live represents not just the latest evolution of Amazon’s marketplace, but amongst the largest. With Rebaid’s new influencer program, the barrier to entry is eliminated and the cost to explore this new opportunity is less than most brands daily PPC budget. So create your first campaign today and take advantage of this profitable, scalable growth opportunity.


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