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Ample Inventory & Steady Cash Flow Using Invoice Financing

Nearly every e-commerce seller has been there. To grow, you need to sell more. To sell more, you need … well, there’s a lot you need, including:

  • More inventory. You can’t sell what you don’t have, plus Amazon hates stockouts!
  • Increased cost efficiency. Shipping fees and small batch orders drive costs up.
  • Better marketing and tech. A top-tier brand experience is crucial to growth.

Strong cash flow is central to all of the above, but tight payment terms don’t make it easy. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to Invoice Flex.

What Is Invoice Flex for Invoice Financing?

Invoice Flex is SellersFi’s innovative take on invoice financing. Invoice Flex is simple upfront funding for a specific purpose: to empower you to balance purchases (inventory and more) and business investments without straining your cash flow.

Here’s how Invoice Flex works:

  1. You submit an invoice and choose your payment terms.
  2. We pay you, and you pay your supplier. (Suppliers will love you for fast payment in their currencies. Use the SellersFi Digital Wallet for maximum purchasing power.)
  3. You pay us back over time, up to 5 months to be exact.

Yes, it’s that simple. No, invoice financing doesn’t have to be hard.

Invoice Flex is next-gen invoice financing. It lets you extend your payments on goods and services beyond the typical 30-, 60-, or 90-day terms, giving you time to capture the ROI on those investments before your payment terms are up.

The result? Short-term and long-game wins! With Invoice Flex, you can accelerate growth on your terms. You’ll also be able to strategically balance your inventory and cash flow needs for longer periods. And that longer-term planning will give you the edge over your competition.

How Does Invoice Flex Work?

At SellersFi, we know simplicity and transparency are two crucial elements of every healthy finance strategy.

With Invoice Flex, you can finance any invoice over $5,000 and enjoy the payment terms that work for you:

  • Repayment terms of 2-5 months
  • Interest rates starting at just 1% per month

To qualify for Invoice Flex, you must:

  • Be a selling entity based in the U.S.
  • Have at least 6 months of online sales history
  • Have at least $20,000 in net sales per month

No matter your niche, category, or growth strategy, Invoice Flex puts the flex in flexibility. 💪

You choose the goods and services you want to purchase (inventory, R&D, marketing, staffing, logistics, etc.). We give you upfront funding coverage and generous repayment terms.

4 Ways To Incorporate Invoice Flex Into Your Business Strategy

Invoice Flex closes the cash flow gap between when you order goods and when you sell them. 

But it isn’t just about getting inventory now and paying for it later. Here are some of the ways to use Invoice Flex as a strategic lever to help you increase profitability and scale your business.

1. Capture Opportunities Faster

With Invoice Flex, you’re ready to, as Alec Baldwin famously says in cult classic Glengarry Glen Ross, “always be closing.” By breaking free of tight-turnaround 30-60-90-day payment terms and financing larger invoices with Invoice Flex, you’ll always have the inventory and cash on hand to snap up unexpected opportunities or fulfill game-changing large orders.

2. Optimize Your Buying Cycle

Building Invoice Flex into your business plan lets you create a stable, predictable inventory cycle from purchase to sale. You can adjust your buying cycle to optimize payment terms or synch with the cash flow seasonality specific to your unique business.

3. Build Relationships and Capitalize on Supplier Discounts

Cash flow no longer limits the amount of inventory or supplies you can order, or how quickly you pay the invoice. Immediate availability of cash through Invoice Flex allows you to negotiate discounts and place fewer, larger orders. This, in turn, can earn you volume and shipping discounts that cust costs and boost your total ROI.

4. Grow Sustainably

Peaks and valleys in your cash flow aren’t great for your business (or your CFO’s blood pressure). Incorporating Invoice Flex into your purchasing plan can help you achieve greater stability — no matter what you’re purchasing and when. It’s invoice financing improved to support sustainable scaling.

Invoice Flex Myths Busted

Still not sure Invoice Flex is right for you? Let’s tackle some common myths surrounding extended repayment terms.

Myth 1: Invoice Flex Is Just Another Loan

Yes, Invoice Flex is a loan in that we’re providing funds for you to pay an invoice, but the funding’s versatility makes it different from a traditional loan.

Quickly use your funding to pay for ANY business invoice and never risk late fees. Your SellersFi account manager will match you with the rate-and-terms combination that best supports your business goals.

Myth 2: Invoice Flex Is Only for Immediate Cash Flow Problems

Invoice Flex can absolutely help with immediate cash flow problems. But there’s more to it. Use Invoice Flex as a strategic tool for optimizing your business operations according to your buying patterns and seasonality. You’ll cut costs, add efficiencies, and increase profitability.

Myth 3: Invoice Flex Is Only for Inventory Financing

Invoice Flex can help you build up inventory to ensure you never run out, but that’s not all it can do. Any invoice over $5,000 related to marketing, office supplies, operational investments, or any other business expense can be covered using Invoice Flex.R&D on a new product? Check. A full website redesign? You bet. We’re not here to tell you how to spend your money on your business, we’re just here to make it easier.

Invoice Flex in Action

Here’s a quick example of how an e-commerce retailer could use Invoice Flex to fuel business growth.

Let’s say Carly runs an online business called Candy Candles. She’s known for her handmade candles that smell exactly like all your favorite types of candy. The products make perfect stocking stuffers so Q4 is huge for the business.

With a heavily seasonal sales cycle, Carly can use Invoice Flex to:

  • Buy inventory in bulk ahead of Q4, earning discounts on volume and shipping
  • Partner with an employment agency to hire holiday help to fulfill orders
  • Pay her marketing partner for the annual Amazon campaign without sacrificing liquidity

With separate repayment terms for each invoice, Carly gets all the benefits of these investments now, then pays them back with her large, predictable influx of holiday revenue. And as each invoice is treated as a separate loan, SellersFi can optimize terms for each purchase.

It’s easy to see how sellers like Carly can incorporate Invoice Flex into their business plans to lower costs and achieve steady growth.

Invoice Flex and Other SellersFi Solutions (Yes, you can mix and match for exponential effect!)

At SellersFi, we’re big on the big picture.

Invoice Flex is just one piece of the puzzle. It can help you do great things on its own, but the real power comes from using it in conjunction with our suite of growth-focused products for exponential growth.

Invoice Flex and Invoice Factoring (Don’t confuse factoring with financing.)

Getting a handle on the timing of invoices — both payable and receivable — is one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce.

With SellersFi, you’ve got options to optimize the cash flowing in and out of your business. With Invoice Factoring, you can get paid sooner for outstanding invoices.

While Invoice Flex pays your suppliers for the invoices you owe, Invoice Factoring pays you for the invoices your customers owe you. It’s all about keeping cash in your hands longer and putting it in your hands sooner.

Invoice Flex and Working Capital Funding (Term Loans, Credit Limits, Revenue Advances)

The difference between Invoice Flex and our Working Capital solutions is about scale and duration. While Invoice Flex funds an invoice like Carly’s marketing agency spend, Working Capital can provide larger amounts of funding and longer payment terms.

There are no business usage restrictions with Working Capital funds, while Invoice Flex funds are designated for a specific invoice.

Here’s a quick overview:

Invoice FlexWorking Capital
Maximum AmountFunding based on application and invoice.$5K-$10M
Repayment Terms2-5 monthsUp to 24 months

Example: If you’re looking to acquire a lot of inventory in time for Prime Day, Invoice Flex might be a great solution for you. If you’re looking to acquire a warehouse for all of that inventory, Working Capital is a better option.

Achieve Scalable Growth with Ample Inventory (and more) and Steady Cash Flow

You know your business better than anyone, and you know what you need to achieve scalable, sustainable growth. We’re here to help you get there.

Invoice Flex closes the gap between when you need goods and services, and when you see the return on them. Ready for a better balance between your business investments and cash flow? Create a free SellersFi account or log in to your existing account to get started.


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