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6 Free Online Seller Forums for E-commerce Merchants

They say no one is an island and that’s as true in the world of e-commerce as it is in life. But while peer relationships are vital to your growth as an e-commerce entrepreneur, they’re not always easy to come by.

Thankfully, there are a variety of online seller forums available for merchants at every level. In these online meeting places, you can instantly connect with like-minded sellers and get practical tips and insights from experts and real e-commerce entrepreneurs who understand your journey.

In this post, we’ll share an overview of some of the best online seller forums available today. We’ll review the core topics each platform discusses and what types of sellers they’re best suited for.

The 6 Best Online Seller Forums for E-commerce

  1. Amazon Seller Forums
  2. E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Facebook Group
  3. Shopify Community
  4. SitePoint Community Forums
  5. BigCommerce Community Forums
  6. Reddit E-Commerce Forum

What Are Online Seller Forums? And Why Are They Worth Your Time?

Online seller forums are groups and communities where e-commerce merchants can share knowledge and nurture professional connections. Online seller forums are typically free, but some may require a membership fee.

While brick-and-mortar retailers have access to local events and networking mixers where they can meet and share experiences, e-commerce entrepreneurs have online forums where they can do the same.

Online seller forums are excellent avenues for connecting with peers who might be able to provide a unique angle, experience, or opinion to help you grow your business.

Pro Tip: We all know the web is full of rabbit holes down which to go. But this is about your business. Make the most of your time inside online seller forums. Stick to topics and threads that align with your current business and growth goals.

Wherever possible, give as much as you receive and keep the conversation constructive. Doing your part to contribute to the discussion can help inspire a more meaningful and engaged community. And remember, don’t feed the trolls!

The Top 6 Online Seller Forums for Growing Merchants

Now let’s take a closer look at which forums might be right for you.

Remember, what’s great for one e-commerce entrepreneur might not be as helpful to another. With this in mind, it’s important to point out that the following online seller forums are not ranked in any particular order.

Take time to review each forum, including its owner, topics covered, type of forum, and who its primary audience is.

Let’s start with one you already know.

1. Amazon Seller Forums

As the name implies, the official Amazon Seller Forums are online seller forums specifically designed for Amazon sellers. Given the size of Amazon’s seller community, there are many different online seller forums available. 

The largest and best known is, of course, Amazon Seller Central. But it’s not the only one. 

Here are some of the other leading forums for Amazon sellers:

  • E-CommerceFuel
  • Warrior Forum
  • WebRetailer
  • Digital Point
  • WebRetailer
  • Tamebay
  • FBA All-Stars
  • Amazon Sellers
  • Amazon FBA Wholesale Sellers

Topics Covered in Amazon Seller Forums 

While topics vary, some of the most common areas covered in these forums include:

  • Selling on a global scale
  • Growth hacking
  • Amazon Sponsored Products Ads
  • Amazon fulfillment
  • Copywriting
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media
  • Amazon Pay

Owner of Amazon Seller Forums 

Amazon owns Amazon Seller Central while various other Amazon seller forums are owned by other third parties and Amazon partners.

Type of Forum 

Amazon Seller Forums are forum websites.

Where to Find It

Find Amazon Seller Forums here.

Who Are Amazon Seller Forums Recommended for?

Business owners who actively sell or are interested in selling on Amazon.

2. E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

The E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Facebook group is a social media community run by the online e-commerce incubator A Better Lemonade Stand.

At the time of writing, E-Commerce Entrepreneurs currently has over 76,000 members. It averages over one hundred new monthly posts and has been around for nine years. It’s one of the better-established online seller forums out there.

Topics Covered in E-Commerce Entrepreneurs 

Some of the topics covered in the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs forum include: 

  • Shopify
  • Digital marketing
  • Google Ads
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Web analytics

Owner of the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

Richard Lazazzera of A Better Lemonade Stand

Type of Forum

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs is a private Facebook group. That means anyone can find the group by searching for it. The posts, however, are kept private and shown only to members.

Where to Find It

Find the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Facebook Group here.

Who Is the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Facebook Group for?

This Facebook group is for e-commerce sellers of all experience levels.

3. Shopify Community

Shopify’s primary online seller forum is called Shopify Community. With more than 900,000 members, it’s a large community made up primarily of Shopify partners and merchants. 

Topics Covered in Shopify Community

Some of the most common topics covered in Shopify’s online community include:

  • Shopify apps
  • Technical Q&A
  • Shopify discussions
  • Shopify design
  • Shopify scripts
  • International commerce
  • Retail and point of sale
  • Store feedback
  • Payments, shipping, and fulfillment

Owner of Shopify Community


Type of Forum

Shopify Community is a platform community forum. 

Where to Find It

Find Shopify Community here

Who Is Shopify Community for? 

Shopify Community is for merchants and web designers who use the Shopify platform to market and sell products.

4. SitePoint Community Forums

SitePoint Forums aren’t exclusive to e-commerce but they are still packed with great insights for e-commerce entrepreneurs. These forums primarily cover social media topics, including restrictions and advancements you might come up against while marketing and selling your products on social media.

Topics Covered in SitePoint Community Forums

SitePoint Forums cover a variety of social media topics, including:

  • Getting started on social media
  • Social media platforms
  • Business branding on social media
  • Social media management tools

Owner of SitePoint Community Forums


Type of Forum

SitePoint Forums is an online community forum.

Where to Find It

Visit SitePoint Forums page for businesses here

Who Are SitePoint Community Forums Best for?

SitePoint forums were designed for web development specialists but can be helpful for e-commerce sellers interested in improving their social media marketing skills.

5. BigCommerce Community Forums

BigCommerce Forums are online communities created by BigCommerce. There are forums for community Q&A, dedicated subgroups, regular news and updates, and a place where you can exchange tips and ideas for scaling using BigCommerce.

Topics Covered in BigCommerce Community Forums

BigCommerce Forums cover topics related to: 

  • Products
  • Setup and management
  • Themes and design
  • Marketing
  • Apps and integrations
  • E-commerce and business

Owner of BigCommerce Community Forums


Type of Forum

BigCommerce Forums is a platform-based community forum.

Where to Find It

Visit BigCommerce Forums here.

Who Is the BigCommerce Community for? 

BigCommerce Community forums are for merchants who use the BigCommerce platform. It offers information and advice specific to the platform. 

6. Reddit E-Commerce Forum

The e-commerce section of Reddit (r/ecommerce) is publicly available for e-commerce sellers on the Reddit website. Its community comprises 247,000 entrepreneurs and has been around since March 17, 2008. 

Like all SubReddits, it’s run entirely by a group of unpaid volunteer moderators who can facilitate it as they see fit, as long as they don’t break Reddit’s Terms and Conditions.

Topics Covered in the Reddit E-Commerce Forum

The e-commerce section of Reddit covers topics pertaining to: 

  • Influencer marketing
  • E-commerce tools
  • Legal issues
  • Sales strategies
  • Social media e-commerce
  • Business models
  • Inventory

Owner of the Reddit E-Commerce Forum

Owned by Reddit and operated by a team of volunteer moderators

Type of Forum

Reddit’s E-Commerce Forum is a publicly available online community. 

Where to Find It

Visit Reddit’s E-Commerce Forum here.

Who Is the Reddit E-Commerce Forum Best for? 

The Reddit E-Commerce Forum is helpful for e-commerce sellers of all industries and skill levels looking to gain new information or share information with a large audience. 

Connect. Grow. Expand. 🚀

Don’t walk the road alone. If you’re having a particular challenge or issue in your business, chances are there is someone out there working on a solution to that exact problem.

The online communities listed above are excellent forums for growing sellers who want to find answers, forge meaningful connections, and thrive in the future of e-commerce. But they’re not the only partnerships you’ll need.

If you want to scale far into the future, you’ll need a funding partner you can rely on.

SellersFi partners with sellers like you every day to help keep strategic growth on track, even as you wait for your next marketplace payout.

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