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Waiting for Your Amazon Payouts? Here’s How to Get Paid Faster.

The Amazon seller payment schedule can lead to high hurdles for merchants. You must move fast to navigate market shifts, stay ahead of the competition, and walk the line between taking on too much inventory or letting stockouts destroy your Amazon Account Health. But slow Amazon payouts can make it hard to stay agile.

Nothing empowers you more than having the security of a well-funded business operation, plus the cash on hand to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Amazon’s payout system can slow your ability to grow — but it doesn’t have to. Here’s how to get your payouts faster, so you can keep your business moving forward.

Accessing Your Amazon Payouts Faster

  • A Quick Primer on Amazon Payouts
  • How Faster Payouts Can Help You Scale Your Business
  • Stop Waiting for Your Amazon Seller Payout

A Quick Primer on Amazon Payouts

When a customer pays for your product, Amazon typically reserves your funds for about seven days after the product delivery date. This protects both you and Amazon in case of any chargebacks, refunds, disputes, or guarantee claims. This is also known as your Amazon Account Level Reserve or Seller Reserve.

When you see an unavailable balance in your seller account on Amazon, these are the funds that Amazon won’t release until the next disbursement, or “payout”.

When your account is settled and your balance is positive, Amazon initiates an ACH or other electronic funds transfer every 14 days. Funds transferred by Amazon can take up to five additional days to land in your bank account.

You can (and should) learn more about the Amazon payout process. In short, you could be waiting up to a month — or more if there’s an issue — to access your sales.

How Faster Payouts Can Help You Scale Your Business

With immediate access to your Amazon sales, you no longer have to wait weeks to execute your next growth play. 

At SellersFi, our Amazon Revenue Advance solution was purpose-built so sellers like you don’t have to hit pause while you wait for your disbursements. 

Whether you work with SellersFi or another e-commerce funding partner, here are some of the ways faster access to your Amazon revenue can help fuel your growth:

Amp Up Your Digital Ad Spend

According to Amazon, 70% of shoppers don’t bother to click past the first page of search results, and the first three items in a product search get 64% of clicks.

With the current search algorithm covering most of that first page with sponsored product results — upping your spending on Amazon ads is all but a requirement if you want your brand to show up in a keyword search.

You can get the most out of your Amazon ad spend by:

  • Optimizing your Amazon PPC ad strategy and bidding on the right keywords
  • Running Lightning Deals and other premium promotions on significant sales days like Prime Day and Black Friday
  • Considering an Amazon Live campaign
  • Increasing your ad spend off the platform with Google Ads and more
  • Creating higher-converting ads using new market research tactics

With cash in hand from the Amazon Revenue Advance, you don’t have to wait for your sales disbursements to start investing in new ad campaigns and marketing channels. And with no usage restrictions, it’s completely up to you to decide which strategies are right for your business.

Optimize Your Inventory

Stockouts were the calling card of the early 2020s, and managing excess inventory has been a running theme ever since.

Now is the time to start thinking long-term about new strategies for demand forecasting and inventory optimization.

With a strong funding strategy for your Amazon business, you can:

  • Leverage demand forecasting and inventory software to more accurately predict how much stock you need
  • Have cash in hand in case you need to pay for extra warehouse space, cover Amazon’s new aged inventory surcharge, or restock quickly ahead of a big sale
  • Stay ahead of supply chain disruptions with predictive AI, so you can reroute shipments, change suppliers, or get your orders in early

When your funds aren’t tied up in Amazon’s Seller Reserve, it’s easier not only to meet operating costs but to streamline your logistics and save more in the long term.

Turn Followers into Customers with Influencer Partnerships

Influencer marketing is no longer optional. Studies suggest that up to 96% of consumers don’t trust ads and 81% have considered making a purchase based on a personal recommendation from a friend, family member, or influencer. Gen Z says they trust influencer recommendations even more than those made by friends and family.

Whether you decide to try your hand at Amazon Live or connect with TikTokers to put your product on their followers’ FYPs, you need to get your product into the hands of the right influencers for your audiences.

With fast Amazon payouts, it’s easier to:

  • Join a platform like Klear, Grin, or Upfluence that helps you match with the right influencers, content creators, and brand ambassadors
  • Negotiate mutually beneficial contracts with relevant Instagram or TikTok personalities
  • Offer exclusive products and promotions to influencer audiences

The right funding strategy will help you invest in the right partnerships at the right time while keeping the rest of your marketing and advertising running at full speed.

Deepen Your Competitor Analysis

With over two million third-party sellers and counting, Amazon is the most crowded it’s ever been. To win, you’ll need to know what makes your product stand out.

You could keep an eye on your competition the old-fashioned way, or adopt new technologies and strategies to get a leg up, monitoring your competitors’ metrics closely to help deepen your understanding of how your brand is different.

With consistent cash flow, you can:

  • Use AI and machine learning, like Crayon or SellerApp, to get fresh intel on new potential rivals hitting the market
  • Optimize your product listings with software that uses ChatGPT-integrated technology or reverse ASIN tools
  • Hire an Amazon consultant to conduct a competitor analysis, or freelancers to update your product listings and content

With clearer insights into your market positioning, you’ll be better prepared to grow your Amazon ROI and continue scaling.

Access Your Payouts Faster with the Amazon Revenue Advance

Whether you need to secure the best Prime Day ad space or lock in your inventory ahead of Chinese New Year, there are a million reasons why you may need cash on hand before your next Amazon disbursement.

Don’t fall into the trap of accepting a shady merchant cash advance or ruining your personal credit. At SellersFi, we offer a bespoke solution for Amazon sellers who are determined to hit the next level.

With the Amazon Revenue Advance, you get full access to your Amazon payouts in as little as 48 hours, with fees as low as 1.5%. When your funds are disbursed, we automatically withdraw the amount advanced, plus the agreed fee. No hidden late fees or predatory terms. Once funded, you get to use your capital however you want. 

Learn more about the Amazon Revenue Advance or check out our full suite of financial solutions to discover the many ways we can help you scale your business. Or, if you’re ready to start growing your e-commerce business, register for a no-obligation SellersFi account.


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