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School Supplies and Bundled Kits


Could not keep up with seasonal inventory demands due to supply-chain breakdowns.


15% year-over-year growth and able to sell on more channels at more times of the year.


Cash Flow Strategy Resolves Amazon Inventory Challenges in Time for Peak Season


Moda West is a division of David’s Wholesale of Dallas, Texas, and Miami, Florida. For over 22 years, Moda West has specialized in high-quality, low-priced wholesale products, including backpacks, hygiene kits, school supplies, and more. Moda West is devoted to bringing hope and smiles to customers while supporting humanitarian missions such as aiding people experiencing homelessness. Moda West is primarily a seasonal business with peak volume in late summer and early winter.

Moda West partnered with Channel Key to develop and grow its brand on Amazon in 2018. After several years of consecutive growth, the company experienced inventory challenges in 2021 due to various factors.

The challenge was to find a way for Moda West to replenish inventory and meet sales targets in time for the peak seasons. Channel Key connected Moda West with SellersFunding, an all-in-one financial solutions platform designed specifically for growing e-commerce merchants.

Unlike traditional financial institutions, SellersFunding provides instant access to working capital for marketplace sellers based on their sales performance and history. By developing a marketplace strategy in tandem with SellersFunding, Moda West was in a strong position to launch aggressive marketing campaigns to capture heavy seasonal traffic with high purchase intent that otherwise would not have been possible.


Secure Funding to Replenish Inventory
Connect Moda West with SellersFunding to unlock working capital for purchasing back-to-school inventor

Grow Awareness and Expand Target Audience
Develop Top of Funnel advertising efforts coupled with an enticing pricing strategy to increase visibility during peak seasons

Utilize Retail Readiness to Increase Conversions
Achieve 100% Retail Readiness across the full product assortment to maximize conversions on all Product Detail Pages


Channel Key’s strategy was contingent on Moda West’s ability to meet demand driven through increased visibility and targeting. As a financial solutions platform for marketplace sellers, SellersFunding quickly identified the seasonality of the brand, including its strong performance in key months.

Using sales projections backed by live data, SellersFunding was able to offer a larger credit limit at a better price than traditional banks. Within days, Moda West secured the funding to purchase and restock inventory. Combined with targeted advertising and gold-standard listings, this working capital nearly tripled sales for top-selling products and resulted in an outsized growth rate of 15% YoY.

Moda West was able to sustain this accelerated growth due to improved cash flow and liquidity, which allowed for investment in other areas of the business.

Results: From 30% to 54% net sales percentage

Since learning how to supercharge his business with Signals, Jon’s been hitting home run after home run with his store.

He can now set and track the right KPIs for his business and sharing the numbers that prove his brand’s progress has become a simple ‘copy and paste’ job.

“If I need to explain my business, everything I need is right here. I literally just copy and paste it and put it into paragraph form like, ‘Hey, this is how we’re doing quarterly.’”

But the best part?

As Jon continues to scale, he knows he can rely on SellersFunding to get the capital and data insights needed to exceed his targets and reach new heights.

“My business valuation numbers have been looking great. It gives me all the confidence I need because I know I’m doing a good job. I base my efforts on Signals.”

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