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Roadmap to Q4 Success: Secrets to Retail Readiness

“Retail Readiness” has a lot of variations in its definition. However, in a nutshell, a product is retail ready when all parts of the listing are completed to an extent where a customer is adequately informed about the details of the product they are viewing.

Brands should take it one step further. Yes, listings should be retail-ready, but how much more business can you do if your entire brand is retail-ready?

Beyond products, do you have a clear brand identity? Will people want to do business with you? Remember, people want to do business with people (not just a brand name on the internet).

Listen in as our panel of e-commerce experts, Emma Schermer Tamir Co-Founder & CEO of Marketing by Emma, Clayton Atchison Director of Affiliates at Carbon6 Technologies, and Caroline Powell Events Marketing Manager at SellersFi discuss how you can get your brand retail ready in time for Q4.

Roadmap To Q4 Success is the master class-style webinar series you’ve been waiting for. We’re bringing you top industry experts to discuss everything you need to know for year-end success. From inventory and logistics to marketing, store optimization, and beyond, we’ve got you covered with winning strategies to unleash your growth potential.


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