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How the Aggregator Landscape Is Changing for Good

There are many aggregators who’ve historically focused on sustainable acquisition through a proven, sound business model. These are the companies that will ride the tide and — ultimately — come out on top to pave the way in a new era for aggregators. 

While it may not happen overnight, brands are in prime position to scale up now to achieve the greatest value for an exit in the near future. 

Listen in for an in-depth look at everything you need to know about the current landscape of the aggregator market.

In this webinar, attendees will learn: 

  • Why current market changes are a good thing for e-commerce sellers 
  • The external and internal factors affecting the market shift 
  • How aggregators and operators are valuing businesses today 
  • Future predictions of where the industry is headed 

This panel of experts as they take a deep dive into the aggregator landscape and what it means for the future of e-commerce.

Featured Industry Experts: 

  • Rowan Lawson – Head of UK Acquisitions at Heroes 
  • Santiago Nestares – Co-Founder at Benitago Group 
  • Walter B. Gonzalez – Founder, President, and CEO at GOJA 
  • Chris Shipferling – Head of Business Development at Global Wired Advisors


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