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SellersFi Launches Invoice Flex

Next-Gen Invoice Financing That Allows Sellers to Scale Quickly and Strategically Is Here!

[Weston, FL, September 26 , 2023] — SellersFi, a leading finance platform serving e-commerce merchants worldwide, has launched Invoice Flex, a next-generation invoice financing solution for e-commerce merchants and brands. 

Traditional invoice financing (often limited to inventory) simply extends single-invoice repayment terms beyond the usual 30/60/90 days offered by vendors and suppliers. SellersFi Invoice Flex strategically closes the cash-flow gap between when merchants order goods and when they sell them. 

With Invoice Flex funding, sellers always have plenty of inventory without ever straining cash flow, freeing them to scale quickly and systematically. And they can use Invoice Flex to pay for any business-related invoices, not just for inventory. This allows e-commerce businesses to invest in marketing, research and development, logistics, staffing, equipment, and anything else for which they are invoiced in efforts to grow their businesses. 

With generous extended repayment terms (up to 5 months and rates starting at just 1% per month), funding for invoices in amounts as low as $5,000, and coverage for multiple invoices, Invoice Flex delivers increased value for the needs of growing sellers. 

“Invoice financing has historically been used as a short-term solution for merchants to ‘buy now and pay later.’ While SellersFi Invoice Flex can be used in this way, it can also be used as a longer-term, bigger-picture solution that allows businesses to create a purchasing-through-sales cadence that takes into account factors such as seasonality and annual growth goals.” said Ricardo Pero, CEO of SellersFi. 

For merchants seeking funding beyond (or in addition to) invoices, SellersFi offers a complete Working Capital solution comprised of products including Term Loans, Credit Limits, and Revenue Advances. Funding ranges from $5K-$10M and can be approved in as little as 48 hours. For B2B merchants, SellersFi offers Invoice Factoring and “Buy Now, Pay Later” for no-wait receivable payments. All products, including those for payments and analytics, are part of the SellersFi growth suite that integrates seamlessly with Amazon, Shopify, and other leading commerce platforms. 

About SellersFi 

SellersFi, formerly SellersFunding, is a global financial technology company that empowers e-commerce merchants looking to grow. As e-commerce evolves, SellersFi will drive the fintech innovations that allow sellers and brands to worry less about funding and finance and to focus more on growth and achieving their business goals. From inventory and marketing to product launches, international expansion, and more, thousands of e-commerce sellers trust SellersFi to achieve limitless success

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