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Sellers Signals Launched For Shopify Stores

Sellers Signals, our all-in-one analytics, and reporting tool is now available for Shopify sellers.

Shopify merchants represent a significant part of our user base, and we’re happy to give them an additional tool to help them gain valuable insights to scale their businesses.

All SellersFi app users with a Shopify store can now use Sellers Signals to their advantage and start taking control of their numbers.

Specially tailored for e-commerce companies, Sellers Signals empowers sellers with performance data and insights to make smarter decisions and optimize sales and profits.

Sellers get all the data they need in one central spot to gain clarity of their store’s overall health in a matter of minutes.

Take a look at the top reports now available for Shopify stores:

· Sales Forecast: Get a sense of future sales performance by week, month & quarter.

· Products: Analyze performance by product to identify your best SKUs.

Coming soon:

· Profitability: Track revenue and expenses to get a clear picture of your profits.

· Business Valuation: Learn how much your store is worth (AKA what matters most to buyers).

With comprehensive and easy-to-use reports, sellers can quickly identify their strengths and areas of improvement to decide where to focus time and resources.

On top of that, Sellers Signals provides access to valuable resources and expertise that can help them take their business to the next level, including the following:

Financial Solutions — A suite of funding, payment, and cash-management products tailored for e-commerce sellers. Check if your Pre-Qualification in seconds directly from Sellers Signals and without a commitment.

Partners & Influencers — Tap into our vetted network of e-commerce service providers and influencers to find the expertise you need to address your growth challenges. Access exclusive deals directly from Sellers Signals.

If you don’t currently have Sellers Signals, here’s how to access these reports and resources:

1. Log in to your SellersFi account.

2. Navigate to Sellers Signals.

3. Connect your Amazon or Shopify store.

Start taking control of your performance today! Get started with Sellers Signals.

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