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Alie Ramirez Talks Amazon Business Success On Sellernomics Podcast

Listen in as gain strategies for growing your Amazon store and see all the ways SellersFunding is your growth partner as you sell and scale.

In this Sellernomics Podcast episode Alie Ramírz, Director of Sales joins the Sellernomics Podcast to discuss strategies for growing any Amazon business and overcoming common obstacles for sellers trying to get funding such as receiving rates that seem great on paper but cost much more in reality. This could result in a worsening cash flow and shrinking margins.

Get a deep dive into what sets SellerFunding apart from its competitors. Including how an Amazon business can get funding in as little as 48 hours and the many different tools that we provide as your growth partner.

SellersFunding delivers the tools, great, terms, and transparency any scaling business can use to improve their business operations from cash flow to business visualization and so much more.

About Alie Ramírez of SellersFunding

Alexandra graduated with an undergraduate degree in Biology. Always thinking she would become a doctor; she would soon realize her passion was elsewhere and transitioned into the business world. She holds an MBA in International Business, is multilingual, and has a passion for traveling the world. Since then, she has taken the business world by storm with 10 strong years of experience in sales and over 6 years working within FinTech organizations; she is currently the Director of sales in the US at SellersFunding. As part of her role, she partners with the executive, business development, and marketing teams to identify key solutions to address the needs of her clients.

The Sellernomincs Podcast hosted by Rob Stanley is a meeting house for everyone to learn from some of the best Amazon sellers, influencers, and industry moguls about all things Amazon. It features incredible No-fluff and straight to the point information. The Sellernomics Podcast helps Amazon sellers and e-commerce professionals grow their business up and out.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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