Working Capital to fuel your success.
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Working Capital to fuel your success.

SellersFi CommercePay isn’t a traditional loan — it’s a tailored solution built for the unique needs of growing e-commerce sellers, including marketplace merchants, DTA brands, and B2B businesses.

Flexible Funding for Your Business

Lending starting at


Approval in as little as

48 hours

Terms up to

9 months

Big Commerce

What can you do with SellersFi CommercePay?

With no usage restrictions, you’re in total control of your funding. CommercePay empowers you to do the things that you know are best for your business. Get the advantage over your competition when it comes to inventory, advertising, R&D, and so much more.

Skyrocket sales across multiple marketplaces & sales platforms.

Never stock out and always have plenty of the right inventory.

Reach more buyers using increased marketing efforts.

Grow your brand and sales by expanding into new markets.

CommercePay works wonders for e‑commerce businesses.
Five Star Trustpilot

Great Capital Provider to Work With

“The SellersFi team was very responsive and always on top of things throughout our process. They were clear about their proposed terms and were able to accommodate the processes on our end with no problem. The timelines for funding were accurate. Thank you again for all your assistance for a painless process!”

— Eric Mendez

Five Star Trustpilot

Awesome, just great!

“I have THE BEST experience with this company out of many others I worked with in the past for financing my Amazon business. Easy process, create customer service and just one of the best rates for the loans.”

— Mak Wholesales LLC

Five Star Trustpilot

Great MCA company!

“We've been working with SellersFi for almost a year now, and we have nothing but good things to say about them. If you're looking for a good MCA loan company to work with I highly recommend them. They have a great team, they are always willing to help, and they have a great customer portal to monitor your accounts.”

— Nick

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about CommercePay from SellersFi.

You must have at least 3 months of sales history and at least $5,000 of net sales per month for either your marketplace store or e-commerce website in order to be considered for SellersFi CommercePay. Your company needs to be legally registered in the US, UK, or Canada, and be in good standing.

No, your application will result in a proposal if approved. Only if you accept the proposal and sign the agreement will you be making a commitment. Until then, nothing is binding.

We check the credit report of the owner or shareholders of the company, but we do it as a soft inquiry that doesn’t impact your credit score.

The application is quick and easy. You must first complete our account registration process if you do not already have a SellersFi account. Once this is done, you will have the option to complete an application by selecting CommercePay on the SellersFi dashboard. You’ll be asked for some additional information in order for us to process your application. Once approved, funds can be disbursed in as little as 48 hours!

During the application process, you will be asked to specify a designated disbursement account to receive the funds.
Once the agreement is fully signed, SellersFi will promptly initiate the disbursement of the advance amount to this chosen bank account.
It’s important to keep in mind that all banks require some business days to process transactions, so there may be a short delay before the funds become available in your account.

Once you’ve chosen one bank account as your designated collection account, the next step is to update your marketplace deposit account to ensure that payouts are directed to this designated account. This arrangement allows SellersFi to deduct the agreed-upon percentage (as outlined in your CommercePay proposal) every time you receive a marketplace payout. Since SellersFi only collects a percentage of the marketplace deposit, the extra amount is, of course, yours.

Don't stop at the CommercePay!

It's just one piece of the SellersFi growth suite.

All SellersFi products can stand alone and deliver big, but together, the effect is exponential growth. Let us tailor a custom e-commerce growth plan for you.

All SellersFi products can stand alone and deliver big, but together, the effect is exponential growth.

Let us tailor a custom e-commerce growth plan for you.

*Amount will vary depending on the proposal.