Permitted Jurisdictions

Permitted jurisdictions apply to where our clients are geographically based – we only onboard regulated clients that are located within one of the permitted jurisdictions listed below. As standard, the permitted jurisdictions also represent where we can receive money from. If either our client, or our client’s customers, send funds from a bank account outside of our permitted jurisdictions, the funds will be rejected. Under some circumstances, clients based in North America may be able to receive money from an extended list of countries.


Any payments created with a payer outside of our permitted jurisdictions is failed automatically by our transaction monitoring system at the point of processing.


Please refer to the table below for a full list of permitted jurisdictions. This list is reviewed and updated periodically.

Åland Islands Gibraltar Monaco
Austria Greece Netherlands
Belgium Guadeloupe Norway
Bulgaria Hungary Poland
Canada (excluding Quebec) Iceland Portugal
Croatia Ireland Réunion
Cyprus Italy Romania
Czech Republic Latvia Saint Martin (French part)
Denmark Liechtenstein Slovakia
Estonia Lithuania Slovenia
Finland Luxembourg Spain
France Malta Sweden
French Guiana Martinique United Kingdom
Germany Mayotte United States