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How to Prep for a Profitable Q4 in 9 Simple Steps
How to Prep for a Profitable Q4 in 9 Simple Steps

The Ultimate Roadmap To Q4 Success

“Last minute panic” might work as your personal holiday shopping strategy, but it’s a disaster waiting to happen if you're looking for Q4 success

The last three months of the year represent either a huge opportunity or a giant headache for online retailers. On the plus side, ecommerce continued to climb in 2021, with consumers spending more than $4.5 billion online by the end of the year. 

That’s a huge chunk of change. But at the same time, a still fragile supply chain means stockouts remain a looming threat. Research from Adobe shows out-of-stock messages skyrocketed 250% in October 2021 when compared to a pre-pandemic period. 

And let’s not forget, empty digital shelves can send your customers straight into the arms of your competitors. 

The good news: you have control over whether you exit Q4 with a healthier bottom line. All it takes is careful and intentional planning. 

This ebook will serve as a quick and useful roadmap to making this Q4 your most successful ever.

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • Acing Q4 inventory and logistics
  • Mastering your holiday marketing
  • Store readiness simplified.

The holidays will be here before you know it. Make sure your store is set up for Q4 success. Get the inventory and marketing budget you need with fast, flexible ecommerce funding.


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