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From Cash Flow to Inventory: How to Prep Your Store for a Killer Prime Day
From Cash Flow to Inventory: How to Prep Your Store for a Killer Prime Day

Prep Your Store for a Killer Prime Day

Want to have a killer Prime Day in 2022? Learn how to master your cash, inventory and everything in between to come out on top.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine pulling in $11.19 billion in two just days. Mind-blowing, right? That’s exactly what Amazon did in 2021 during its two-day mega sale, Amazon Prime Day. But here’s the kicker. Amazon didn’t hit these huge sales alone. Its stellar results were backed by growing e-commerce businesses like yours, which also walked away pockets full. In fact, Amazon sellers raked in a record-breaking $3.5 billion during 2020’s Amazon Prime Day. And the great news is, there’s still more success to be had. If you’re eager to take your Prime Day game to the next level, you’re in the right place. In this ebook, we’ll unveil our top strategies and tactics to have a killer prime day.

With stiff competition, global supply chain disruption, and rising ad costs, it’s never been more important to lay a solid foundation for your Prime Day launches. With all of the different strategies and tips out there, getting ready for big events like Prime Day can feel overwhelming.

This ebook will give you the game plan for a killer Prime Day. Learn tips to:

  • Boost your brand visibility by building relationships with potential and existing customers before Prime Day
  • Test new niches and products to spruce up your product portfolio
  • Act on new buying patterns to meet a shift in your customers’ buying habits.
  • Leveraged new customer insights from your Prime Day shoppers to discover your best-selling products

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