Financing Your Global Business: A Complete Guide for Ambitious E-commerce Entrepreneurs

Going global is the next natural step in a successful e-commerce store’s journey. But how can you secure the funds and resources to finance your global business? Check out our latest e-book to find out.


Global e-commerce has soared in recent years. Online shoppers have become more and more comfortable buying from stores overseas, and brands are loving the additional revenue. With at least 70% of today’s shoppers buying from foreign sites, and 80% of brands saying that cross-border selling is profitable for them — global e-commerce feels like a perfect union.


And if you’re like most sellers, you’re probably eager to get in on the action. There’s just one problem: funding. The word ‘credit’ sparks fear in many an online retailer’s heart, with thoughts of loan sharks and shuttered businesses racing through their minds.


You may find yourself asking: ‘Is e-commerce funding right for me?’ ‘How can I finance my global business?’ ‘What’s the safest way to get capital for scaling into new markets?’


In this e-book, we’re answering your most pressing funding-related questions so you can take on the global e-commerce market with confidence.


What we’ll cover:

• Why E-commerce Funding Is Crucial for a Successful Global Expansion
• Don’t Let Cash Flow Shortages Hijack Your Growth
• How to Select the Best E-commerce Funding for Your Goals
• How to Prep Your Store for Profitable Cross-Border Selling
• Tips to Get Your Finances Ready for Global Expansion


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